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Warpath Len Levinson


Len Levinson

Published August 29th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

THE SEARCH BEGINSOnce, John Stone had everything a man could ever want: wealth, position, and a woman who loved him. But that was before the Civil War. Now hes lost his fortune, and his fiancee has disappeared. All he has left is his Colt, a picture of Marie, and a mission: to roam the West until he finds the woman he loves.HE IS THE SEARCHERThe settlers were on their way to a new life in Texas, while John Stone was stirring up the ashes of a life that died with the war. Still, he signed on to act as a scout for their wagon train. Maybe Marie had found her way to Texas. Maybe hed find someone whod seen her...John Stone wonders if he’ll ever find peace. It’s a good bet he won’t find it on the way to Tucson … not with a band of Mexican cut-throats after him, sworn to avenge the death of their vicious leader. And not while the desert is home to the marauding Apache … Even if Stone can dodge the bullets and arrows, ahead lies the vast desert itself – more merciless than any battlefield he’s ever faced …