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Dorian (Blood & Sex, #4) Angela Cameron

Dorian (Blood & Sex, #4)

Angela Cameron

Published October 4th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Newly divorced klutz LeAnne Vines just moved back to town to start her new life and new job close to her best friend Tori. She even has a promising social life with Tori and her friends. After living through hell, things are looking up.Retired assassin, Dorian Graves, isnt so lucky. Werewolves are blackmailing him. In order to save his child, he must infiltrate the vampiro cosca and kill Michael, the citys vampire leader.At least that was the plan until he met LeAnne. His inability to wipe her memory after taking her blood leaves them all in danger. Will LeAnne, her friendship with Tori, and her love for Dorian survive the padrones decision?Read more to find out who lives and who dies in this exciting continuation of the Blood & Sex series!