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Fox Song Joseph Bruchac

Fox Song

Joseph Bruchac

Published September 15th 1993
ISBN : 9780399223464
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Jamie, the main character, is both French-American and Abenaki. In Fox Song, Jamie spends the day remembering the time she spent with her great grandmother, learning the ways of her people, the values of living in harmony with nature, and the respect one learns from spending special time with elders. Jamie’s Grama is no longer alive but the memories and her lessons keep Jamie company even when she’s alone.Fox Song is a beautiful book that recalls the circle of life and passes along important values of family and respect. The painted illustrations present a modern family in a rural setting who happen to be Abenaki. aside from the words of fox’s song that Grama teaches Jamie, they could be your family, or mine. If only mine were as special!